Quality pointing and cleaning can totally transform and rejuvenate your property. Our service will revive tired exterior walls and protect your home against the elements

Each property is individual and we would aim to offer the style that best suits your home.

Detailed below is our standard method of repointing brick or stonework:-We will cut out all beds to a minimum depth of 20mm or in the case of brick/stonework with existing thin beds we would cut out to twice the width.      Then all loose and defective material is removed from the surface by power-washing  – this gives a sound ‘key’ from which to work.

The next stage in the process is the pointing.  Our mix contains cement and a soft sand (for flexibility), mixed with a co-polymer solution giving extra flexibility and used for it’s water repellent properties.   There are many different types of brick and stone pointing and at the initial consultation we can give you our advice as to which best suits your property

We also offer your brick or stonework a chemical clean to bring the rest of the brick/stonework in line with the new pointing!      We can also weatherproof your walls with a silicone sealant giving your home further protection – this offers good protection against the elements